Dubai Restaurants

Upon my long awaited return to the land of Dubai, three of my loyal minions took me out to lunch. The destination worthy of such a joyous occasion was Tasha’s on Al-Wasl road, or as Google maps cleverly refers to it “Al- double u, ay, es, el” road. Tasha’s do not take bookings and are almost always fully occupied, so we waited around 30 minutes. Tante doesn’t mind the wait, as it hightens the anticipation. We ordered a salmon tartare for sharing and Chicken Milanese for mains. The food was as flavorful as “min dayyeit el tante”. One item that was out of stock but is always great is the Tabbouleh. It tastes absolutely nothing like real Tabbouleh, as they play around with the ingredients, substituting burghul with Wheat and adding Halloumi. Whatever it is, it’s fantastic. Add to it some balsamic vinegar and you’re ready to go. For desserts, the Eton Mess is a great choice to mess around with your diet. As much as I enjoyed the company of the three peasants, the food was so good that I wouldn’t have minded dining alone there. (no need for sharing then)

PS: The hostess speaks Arabic so be careful making snarky remarks. If needed, pick another language.

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