Dubai Restaurants

After a couple of hours at Ikea that I will never get back, we stopped by Zaroob on the way back. Baynetna tante, I’m trying to shed off a few pounds that I refer to as Holiday weight, but have in fact been lingering around way before the holidays. So Zaroob wasn’t an obvious carb free option, but a tante must devour what a tante can devour. I was pleasantly surprised with the delectable options I could furnish the table with that were not part of their 3ajeen menu. We had a fattoush, simple yet good, with dibis el rimmein and pomegranate seeds. Hummos with different options- Kawkab goes for the one with shawarma.  The waiters at Zaroob are consistently indifferent and require multiple follow ups, but the food is always good. Whether you sit inside or outside, it’s a welcome break from Dubai’s mall dining scene. A genuine Levant setting (with mostly Asian staff). I highly recommend it ya tante for weekend breakfasts and after party late night binging. If you’re not on a diet, explore their excellent shawarma sandwiches, and for dessert their Cinnamon fateer.

Zaroob deyman ma7boob 3and el kawkoob, so good joob!



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