Em Sherif

Dubai Restaurants

After a wazwaza night at Taiga, which sensibly exported Mutrib 7ambolli from Batroun to Dubai, Kawkab’s clan needed a feast of a lunch. The clan succumbed to my desire of finding a restaurant that is fitting for a review and worthy of your eyeballs. Yes yours. I cleverly suggested Em Sherif, a fantastic Lebanese restaurant I had tried in Monnot, Beirut. Em Sherif just like Mutrib 7ambolli has naturally exported herself to Dubai.

What I love about this place is that there is no menu. Nothing makes me feel quite as royal as heading that table and having food just come to me, without the need for selections. The food was a generous variety of Lebanese cold and hot mezzah, followed by mashawi, sayyadiyeh and dessert. Every little dish had a special touch: The tabbouleh had extra lemon peel, the Fattoush had aubergines, the sayyadiyeh had special gravy and so on. Other than making a timeless tante feel royal, the great thing about Em Sherif is that you feel full, but not bloated. Trust Sherif’s wise mama to decide the right portions for the right number of people, unlike the mess of over ordering that happens when you go to other Lebanese restaurants.

The highlight of the lunch was Gaby trying to tell one of his immoral stories, and Kawkab stopping him to avoid nausea, as we eat. As Kawkab exclaimed “la2 bala ma nballish bil 2araf halla2!”, the waiter paused as he was trying to serve portions of Kharouf with Mashed Potato. After clarifying the situation, the Kharouf turned out stellar and Gaby’s story was avoided.. well, postponed till after dessert.  Speaking of desserts, they were Ok, especially the Em Ali; but Beirut’s branch had more special ones. Kawkab’s advice to Sherif’s loving mama is to bring back those good old Beirut eclectic ice cream flavours. Or maybe they serve different things on different days. Who knows? Surely not I, as Em Sherif is a great lunch, but not one for every day. The total was around a hundred dollars per person – no alcohol. Baby Jude was the smartest as he brought his own mashed zucchini goo, and enjoyed my company without getting charged. Smart like his auntie.


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