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As wise a tante as Kawkab may be, there are still some unanswered mysteries when it comes to the Dubai social scene. Why would someone pay three times the price of regular sushi and not get full? (rhymes with Puma) Why submit your name on a list, wait in line, pay an entrance fee, then not even dance in an ‘underground’ party that plays mostly mainstream music in a crammed rooftop? (rhymes with Monotonic Ways) It doesn’t have to be hard work to have a good time in this city.

Let’s refer to one of my ultimate favorite Dubai peeps as B-Money, for the purpose of this blog entry. The thing about B-Money is that you cannot be around him and not be smiling. When the forces of the Tante and B-Money united for a dinner plan, it was bound to be an out of the ordinary outing. The B started off well with an edible bouquet, knowing that nothing in the Tante’s way goes undevoured. One can only imagine the disturbing consequences, had this truly been a real date, full of edible objects. Thankfully, we had some fantastic company join us. B-Money’s recommendation was “Smiling BKK”, so we headed towards the original one in Al-Wasl road, hidden in a small alleyway behind the petrol station.

Smiling BKK is a quirky, little Thai restaurant that would leave you perplexed as to how you have lived in the city this long and not been there yet. It’s a dimly lit place that serves tasty, authentic Thai food in a fun atmosphere, and doesn’t take itself too seriously. Although we didn’t find the plastic guns and Monalisa-with-a-moustache masks, we still enjoyed a bit of a wacky setting: a long stick that you shake to ask for the waiters (a little awkward though), Bruno Mars & Taylor Swift randomly singing in the background, friendly service and a bizarre menu of items, literally listed as follows:

– Would You Like An Amazing Banana With That? (35 dhs)

– Oh Yes, I Need A Very Big Amazing Banana With That! (39 dhs)

– Never Look At A Man While Eating An Amazing Banana (43 dhs)

None of the items contained any actual bananas. Being slightly confused with the kinky menu and phallic references, we trusted the B-Money & his friend to make the order. We started of with the self-proclaimed “Amazing” Tom Yum soup, which which is a no-miss if you like spicy food. It has prawns, tomato, chilli, peanuts, green beans and a whole lot more ingredients that make it truly amazing and every bit Yummmmmm. Everything we shared was well prepared in curious sauces that made it all so flavorsome. We had “Money Bags” filled with a strange mix of chicken and shrimps, prawn cakes, coconut chilli shrimp and a Som Tum (Papaya salad). We also shared a few mains, like cashew nut chicken and beef hot plate. My favorite was the Pad Thai, the stir fried noodle dish, rich with chicken, peanut sauce and lemon wedges. The food was so good, that I forgot to stop at the moment where I have to pretend I’m just as full as everyone else. Eventually, the time did come for dessert. We shared the sticky rice with Thai Mango. It’s hard to declare it as stellar, being a devout chocolate lover, but the combination of the fresh fruit and the creamy rice is worth a try. So try it ya 3yoona lal tante, yalleh byisti7eh bitroo7 3leh.

B-Money and I promise you more reviews of upcoming outings of strange finds in this city. For now, I am adding Smiling BKK to the list of “Kawkab’s Underground Must-Go Eateries”. All it takes to stay smiling, my peasants, is a bit of good food and good company.

Keep Devouring…

Your Loving Kawkab

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