Maria Bonita

Dubai Restaurants

It was 5 years ago that I met one of my closest Dubai peasant-peeps. Nostalgically, we decided that it’s been a while we haven’t dined in that place we first met, and so we organized tonight’s dinner at that restaurant – Maria Bonita. We put together a little “friendaversary” with our respective significant others, of course. Conveniently, the rest of the troupe bailed out, which meant more guacamole for Mama Kawkab.

Maria Bonita is a simple place, where you can have a very pleasant time or a horrific one. You can have a good time, if you stick to ordering the basics, which cannot fail you. Alternatively, you can have a miserable time, if you experiment too much with the menu; or if you expect beers & margaritas, as they don’t serve any alcohol. If you need a drink with your Mexican meal, head to Loca.

We sticked to two orders of guacamole and some mixed fajitas. The guacamole can’t really go wrong, unless the avocados are rotten, which they weren’t. We ordered two; one as a starter and one as a lavish side for our fajitas. Both the shrimp and chicken fajitas kind of taste the same, as they’re cooked with peppers and onions and share the same sides of beans and sour cream. They’re like background music, which you become aware of if it’s too good or too bad – they’re neither. We enjoyed our dinner at Maria Bonita, mostly because of the company and the familiarity of the setting. I heard that extras on movie sets are now referred to as “atmosphere” as it somehow sounds more dignified. The dishes at Maria Bonita played their part as atmosphere, but weren’t the stars of the show. Our random stories were, so Happy Friendaversary Ass!

Speaking of nostalgia… Maria Bonita li 2ajlikom 2a3mal… w enjoy the video ya roo7 roo7a lal tante:

IMG_6049 IMG_6047 IMG_6042  IMG_6045   IMG_6052 FullSizeRender-2


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