Dubai Restaurants

One of the peasants, known as “The Sfitch”, will be getting married this summer. She decided to employ the talents of Favorite Peasant in photography to prepare a Save-the-Date e-card. So they headed to The Address Montgomerie, figuring that the greenery would make a nicer background than Sheikh Zayed Road or the mall. As a royal spinster, you might imagine that Kawkooba would not be able to relate to the occasion. You couldn’t be more wrong. As I approach my golden fifty four, I have decided to send out my own Save-the-Date invitation soon. If the Sfitch can send one out before locking a venue, Kawkab can send one out before locking the groom (a minor detail in today’s wedding arrangement plans). Groomfully or groomlessly, you will all be invited to your Tante’s fiesta to join me in celebrating my declaration of self-love.

Meanwhile, I suppose I should mention Monty’s, the restaurant overlooking the golf course at The Address Montgomerie. The scenery gets 5 out 5 Kawkabs, because anything green (unless slimy) is always welcome in this city. The food ranges between two and a half to three and a half Kawkabs, depending on what you order. Take your loving Tante’s advice and stick to the chicken fajitas and frozen strawberry margaritas. The fajitas are rich in well prepared chicken and are not heavy on the tummy. They have more tomato sauce than your average fajita, and less onions and peppers. The margaritas are made with fresh strawberries, unlike many other places that only use syrup. The chicken burgers aren’t bad. You can have them with extra bacon, cheese and guacamole sauce. My lobster ravioli though was below average, as it tasted like a microwaveable frozen meal. It very well might have been, as it came too quickly. For dessert, the gluttonous peasants shared a chocolate fondant, which turned out very average and a bit dry.

I was running in between errands yesterday, so I have to make a disclaimer. Monty’s is great when it is not rushed, much like a wedding. The service is friendly, you can have drinks and enjoy a nice scenery. Just like Kawkab’s future wedding. Until that comes, we have the Sfitch’s. May the force be with all of us.

IMG_6076 IMG_6069  IMG_6073  IMG_6101IMG_6071 IMG_6089


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