Salero Tapas & Bodega

Dubai Restaurants

“3njad b2illik 3njad mish 7ilwi el ghaybe hal 2ad” I couldn’t find a more befitting song to serenade my long awaited return with. What have I been up to in these past 5 months? Well mostly falling.. learning to quickly stand up again.. then falling, then standing up again… One might think I had burnt some calories in the process. Not quite.

A couple of weeks ago, when a group picture was taken at Salero Tapas & Bodega, I noticed how my unflattering belly had become a visual center of attraction. Tonight, I went back along with my peasants in an attempt of not overeating. So I’m writing this review mostly out of recollections.

Situated at Kempinski Mall of the Emirates, Salero mish mitil Ghero.. it makes for a convenient location without feeling like it’s in the middle of an effing mall. It’s a Spanish place run by Spanish staff and the food mostly tastes authentic. It has a wider variety of tapas than its rival El Sur and the ambience is chilled and more upbeat. If you’re going on a Tuesday you may enjoy a little flamenco show by the multifunctional hostess who may also be serving you your meal. The tapas are more or less appetizing. The gazpacho is particularly well made with all the right ingredients. I would go for the spanish tortilla, the calamari, the ceviche, the fried eggplant and I would skip the useless patatas bravas and petty shrimps in that awful sauce. The stars of the meal? The Sangria pitcher with a base of red wine that is really sweet, and the free plate of bread. The bread comes with an awesome combination of olive oil, sea salt, tomatoes and garlic. You take a piece of bread and you rub it with that garlic… Rub it like you mean it tante… Then you rub it with the tomato.. keep rubbing…ooooh yeah… add the olive oil and the salt… and take a bite… screw the rest of the meal..

We also shared a not so small “small dish” of paella which four of us could not finish. Not bad, not stellar either. The paella needed a bit more seasoning and the seafood did not taste that fresh. But overall the place is nice, fun and more importantly my choice for making a blog-comeback.

I leave you and myself with Ragheb’s song that bares no Spanish theme nor any link whatsoever to Salero Tapas & Bodegas, except for a reminder of the randomness of this blog which has missed you kteer ya 3yoon el tante.

FullSizeRender IMG_7765


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