Dubai Restaurants

As I make my comeback to the food blogging scene, I can’t help but wonder what is it exactly we food bloggers do. What higher purpose do these rants really serve? I’ve always had an appreciation for the hardworking folks who go through the hell of operating a restaurant, and a distaste for the condescending dullards who publicize their hasty judgments and ruin businesses in the process. When did I become one of the latter group? Or did I? Does it count if I objectively criticize the failings of overpriced, posh institutes? Why am I ranting about my own rants?

We hit Prime68 tonight, the steakhouse at the 68th floor of the JW Marriott Marquis; home to several neatly decorated, overpriced, great concept venues with mediocre food. If you’re an acrophobic vegetarian, this is no place for you. Prime68 offers quality steaks at a high floor with panoramic views of Dubai, which are what you’re essentially paying for. If you’re cynical about the combination of highways and flat landscapes, skip it. If you appreciate what a trip to the top of Burj Khalifa has to offer, the place is worth a visit. The chic design that spans most of the floor allows for plenty of tables right by the glass windows so you’re bound to get a view with your meal. The food is Ok but doesn’t justify the exorbitant prices. With Kawkab’s belly burning hopes in mind, we went lean on the order. We skipped starters, dessert, wine and starches, yet our bill amounted to more than 600 dirhams for two people. Be sure to ask for your 20% Emirates NBD card discount, as we didn’t get it and I only just found out about it while writing this review. Ya 3ayb el shoom! The steaks are neither the most tender, nor the most chewy; but the bĂ©arnaise sauce and sides of mashed potato, asparagus and creamy spinach complemented the fillet mignons nicely. I particularly enjoyed the roasted whole garlic presented with the plate. Garlic tastes sweet when well cooked and doesn’t really leave a bad scent in your mouth. Kilo toom ya mama ma tisti7o.

For its not so great service and immoderate prices, Prime68 didn’t make it to your tante’s list of favourite dinner spots. But it’s well worth a visit once, if you’re in the mood for feeling high.. above Sheikh Zayed road.

FullSizeRender IMG_7786

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