Dubai Restaurants

Boca.. the mouth. Such different uses it can be put to. With so much unwelcome verbal diarrhea coming out of so many mouths around me, I’m keeping mine open only for devouring food this week. So here’s possibly my first rant-free review.

Boca at DIFC was such a pleasant surprise. Not cry-your-heart-out expensive like all its neighbours in the hood, no dress code either… Just good old delicious food in a nice setting with friendly service. The cuisine is a blend of Spanish, Italian and French and the menu is divided into three main sections: Deli, Original & Market. The platters are not too big and good for sharing. We loved everything.

The excellent truffle burrata is topped with thick shavings of truffle, unlike places where truffle burrata implies one with a bit of truffle oil. Here it is served with a side of surprising bruschettas made out of peas, broad beans and zucchini flower. The fresh veggies give a nice crunch that perfectly complements the creaminess of the burrata. Speaking of fresh, the salad Nicoise is so yummy, your tired Tante wanted to close her eyes and pretend she’s on a beach in Nice (though munching on a salad on the beach sounds inconvenient). I always skip the salad Nicoise at good restaurants, as it usually comes with that awful, fresh tuna. The Boca chefs serve it with good old canned tuna, but obviously the best kind. A star dish for vegetarians is the cauliflower and hazelnut salad, well seasoned in a ridiculously good black truffle dressing. We also shared a plate of grilled tiger prawns with garlic and chilli oil and Troccoli Aglio pasta. The prawns  are good, but a little too small for your tante’s taste. The freshly made pasta is quite thick (is everything starting to sound wrong now?), and goes well with the grilled artichokes. Even the ashanti chocolate dessert has a touch of nature, served with what seems to be a jam of fig and verbena orange blossom honey.

You’re getting the theme here: FRESH. Even the bathrooms are fresh as the flora decorating the walls seems to be real throughout the place, giving it a nice, lively vibe. If it isn’t, I’m not sure what the waitress was doing walking around with a watering can at some point. Your tired tante is so loca, she can’t usually shut her boca… but this time I will, as I couldn’t find much to complain about.

Sleep tight children! xxx

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