Villa Clara

Beirut Restaurants

So I organized a little get together dinner at Villa Clara in Mar Mkhayel. Being the “sa7bit wejib” that Kawkab is, I decided to give them a call to share a heads up that we might be running a little late for our 8:00 pm reservation. Conversation flowed as follows:

“ayya se3a ya3ne?”

“ma ba3rif. yimkin 8:30. 7asab el 3aj2a”

“Bas PLEASE mish aktar min 8:30!!”

And so we rushed and made our way through the traffic to get to the reservation on time, fearing we will be shoved to the back of the queues, following that unnerving warning by the hostess, whom I suspect is the owner/ manager/ chef’s wife.

We arrived at 8:15 to a completely empty place. The valet guy wasn’t even outside. People started coming in an hour later, and it wasn’t even that full. To be honest, the food was not bad. We expected more of an experience, given the stiffness of the phone conversation, the prices and the fact that the menu is printed on a humble A4 paper given it is always subject to change. There was no visit by the chef nor were there any special recommendations by the distracted waiters. But the food was good. If you pop by Villa stuck up, order the desserts which we sadly skipped. They’re supposed to be good. And get any of the meat courses (tartare de boeuf if available or the fillet). Do not order the fish. I’m certain you already have a handful of things to clean up other than a pricy dead fish.

The bill is surely to keep a tante home eating 3arayis labneh k3azeel for a few days after. Bas yalla.. Bill hana will shifa. Nshalla Bill afra7